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Barahona Castillo Bonacic Abogados was established in 2005 by a group of prominent lawyers and professors from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile’s School of Law, who based on their university training and professional experience have developed a solid project aimed at offering legal solutions preferably in the field of Criminal Law to individuals, corporations, institutional clients and law firms with expertise in other fields of law who require strategic and technical advice on criminal issues. 

Barahona Castillo Bonacic Abogados’ mission is to provide a professional, high quality personalized service, when representing its clients in criminal trials or when providing advice on internal corporate criminal investigation and prevention to Boards of directors, comptrollers, institutional clients and corporations in general.

Barahona Castillo Bonacic Abogados’ prestige lies on its understanding of the extremely complex Chilean legal framework, specializing in the field of Criminal Law. Based on the ongoing training of all our professionals and their participation in multidisciplinary work teams, our firm can provide integral legal assistance and advice.

Criminal Trials

Highly complex criminal strategies, complying with the highest quality and professional standards.

Corporate Criminal Investigation and Prevention

Design specific prevention protocols


BCB Abogados is member of the Fundación Pro Bono

Our Team


José Miguel Barahona Avendaño

Lawyer, Professor of Civil Procedure Law and Criminal Procedure Law - Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


Francisco Victorino Castillo Vera

Lawyer, Master’s Degree © in Business and Corporate Criminal Law. Universidad de Chile


Cristóbal Patricio Bonacic Midane

Lawyer, Postgraduate Degree in Criminology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


Matías Eduardo Peña Lyon

Lawyer, Universidad Andrés Bello (2005-2009)


Andrés Iván Tapia Viaux

Lawyer, Universidad Andrés Bello (2007-2011)



Criminal Trials

As from the implementation of the Reform of Criminal Procedure in Chile, the representation in criminal matters has evolved from individual work to the development of legal strategies that are discussed and executed by a group of expert professionals, capable of anticipating the consequences of the solutions implemented in other fields of law, working jointly with other professionals to provide coordinated to conflicts.

Since its foundation, Barahona Castillo Bonacic Abogados has been involved in the development and execution of highly complex criminal strategies, complying with the highest quality and professional standards needed to sustain a relationship of trust at the time of defending personal and property interests.


Corporate Criminal Investigation and Prevention

The current complexity of corporate structures has increased the risk of internal crimes. This has led to an improvement in the security of legal systems such as those offered by Barahona Castillo Bonacic Abogados:
Develop independent internal investigations that contribute to reducing direct corporate damage generally associated with property-related crimes.

Design specific prevention protocols to reduce exposure to corporate criminal risks and release those who are in management positions from any liability.

Implement crime prevention models as stated in Law 20393 (that establishes corporate criminal liability), which in addition to corporate governance best practices, help organizations, regardless of their type, structure and size, to control their legal liability.



Aware of the social responsibility lawyers have with the community, Barahona Castillo Bonacic Abogados has become a member office of the Pro Bono Foundation, by providing free services in the field of Criminal Law, both to individuals and to non-profit entities.

Pro Bono Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been operating since year 2000 promoting free access to justice to vulnerable individuals, sectors or groups.

The work programs developed by Pro Bono Foundation are: Family and Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Bullying, Social Organizations, Small Business Owners, Arbitration, Disabled and Elderly People and Access to Public Information. Additionally, it operates an international network in North and South America.

The Foundation’s contribution through its member offices, is based on providing individual advisory services, training, litigation in emblematic cases of public interest, legal reports and involving lawyers in discussions on public policies associated with social issues.

Documents and Publications

Illegal evidence

Illegal evidence for violation of the rights of defence as guaranteed by due process.

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Violation of the Non Bis in Idem Principle

En el Sistema de Sanciones Estatales: Inaplicabilidad por Inconstitucionalidad

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Supply of medicines via internet.

Supply of medicines for abortive purposes via internet.

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Bill Analysis related to infanticide.

Bill Analysis related to infanticide.

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The Rights of the Criminal Plaintiffs

The Rights of the Criminal Plaintiffs. The Role of the Judges.

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The Crime of Public Disorder

The Crime of Public Disorder in the bill that strengthens and safeguards public order.

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Corte Suprema acoge recurso

Corte Suprema acoge recurso de queja presentado por el Ministerio Público

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